The correlation of soreness and muscle growth


Is muscle soreness an actual indicator of muscle growth? Not always. In most cases after strenuous physical activity our muscles tend to feel sore the next day; Common belief is that this soreness is a positive thing, because it is said to mean our muscles are growing. Soreness and muscle growth are linked, just not in the way most people would think. Muscle soreness typically occurs when muscles that are not accustomed to being exercised are exposed to high amounts of physical activity. The effect of this exposure is inflammation/swelling. Our brains register excessive muscle use as an injury, and the body’s natural response to an injury is swelling. So often that sore feeling is simply our body attempting to repair itself. This is not to say that there is no correlation to soreness and muscle growth, as soreness can speed up the growth of muscles. The key factor to take into consideration is that soreness is not always an indicator of growth for every individual, but it can benefit the growing process.